Ashkar was the ruler of Lagash.

Plot by Morkain Edit

Ashkar's brother, Morkain spent five years creating a flame-wood doll in an attempt to kill him. The final ingredient of the doll was Ashkar's breath, which Morkain was forced to face Ashkar's full attention to steal.[1]

Character Edit

Ashkar was an extremely powerful sorcerer. He was not a pacifist, however, and was willing to use his powers on even his own brother, Morkain, to defend himself. Ashkar was very perceptive, forcing Morkain to inflict himself with a limp rather than attempt to fake one to bump into Ashkar, but not infallibly so, as he believed his brother to be honestly injured, rather than attempting to steal an ingredient for a flame-wood doll to kill him.[1]

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Ashkar the Magnificent, Prologue: "After five years Morkain contrived to steal the final and fatal ingredient. It was an act of pure audacity, since it exposed him to the full force of Ashkar's attention and, potentially, his magical powers. But desperation and lack of inspiration for alternatives forced him to it."

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