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File:Andrew Chapman (Ashkar paperback).jpgFile:Bringer cover (When All Moons Rise, Kindle).jpegFile:Chainsaw (Invaders, Kindle).jpeg
File:Cover (Bringer, Kindle).jpegFile:Cover (Freeman, Kindle).jpegFile:Cover (Invaders, Kindle).jpeg
File:Cover (The Crimson Man, Kindle).jpegFile:Cover (The Price of Wang, Kindle).jpegFile:Cover (Thrall, Kindle).jpeg
File:Cover (When All Moons Rise, Kindle).jpegFile:Cover 1 (Ashkar the Magnificent, Kindle).jpegFile:Cover 2 (Ashkar the Magnificent, Kindle).jpeg
File:Deodand logo (Ashkar the Magnificent, Kindle).gifFile:Deodand logo (The Price of Wang, Kindle).gifFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Freeman cover (When All Moons Rise, Kindle).jpegFile:Labels (Invaders, Kindle).jpeg
File:Map of Cabralowie (Invaders, Kindle).jpegFile:Map of Earth and her Six Satellites (When All Moons Rise, Kindle).jpegFile:Map of Skarl (Freeman & Bringer, Kindle).jpeg
File:Map of Skarl (Thrall & The Crimson Man, Kindle).jpegFile:Map of the Lands of the Inland Sea (Ashkar the Magnificent, Kindle).jpegFile:Map of the New World (Freeman, Kindle).jpeg
File:Map of the New World (The Crimson Man, Kindle).jpegFile:Medical Kit (Invaders, Kindle).jpegFile:Megalith (Thrall & The Crimson Man, Kindle).jpeg
File:Panel (Invaders, Kindle).gifFile:Tentacles (Invaders, Kindle).jpegFile:The Price of Wang cover (Ashkar the Magnificent, Kindle).jpeg
File:Thrall cover (When All Moons Rise, Kindle).jpegFile:When All Moons Rise cover (Ashkar the Magnificent, Kindle).jpegFile:Wiki-background

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