Morkain was the brother of Ashkar.

Plot to kill Ashkar Edit

The demon Balgoth told Morkain how to kill Ashkar by creating a flame-wood doll. Ashkar's breath was the final ingredient that would tie the doll to Ashkar's life, and allow him to be killed. After much thought, Morkain devised a way to steal Ashkar's breath. The risks were high that Ashkar would realise what Morkain was attempting to do, but Morkain's desperation forced him to try to carry it out. It took him five years to gather the ingredients and prepare to steal Ashkar's breath.[1]

Character Edit

The five years it took to create the flame-wood doll to kill Ashkar shows Morkain's persistence, cunning, patience and audacity when necessary. It also shows his desperation and ruthlessness in trying to kill his own brother.[1]

Unlike Ashkar, Morkain was not a brilliant sorcerer, and was forced to rely on the demon Balgoth's instructions to attempt to kill his brother, as he was unable to devise any alternatives.[1]

Relationships Edit

Ashkar Edit

Morkain attempted to kill his own brother, Ashkar, to take control of Lagash. As a much weaker sorcerer, Morkain feared what Ashkar would do to him if he found out.[1]

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Ashkar the Magnificent, Prologue: "After five years Morkain contrived to steal the final and fatal ingredient. It was an act of pure audacity, since it exposed him to the full force of Ashkar's attention and, potentially, his magical powers. But desperation and lack of inspiration for alternatives forced him to it."

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